AIRVALENT Air Quality Meter Users Review

AIRVALENT Air Quality Meter Users Review

We love to see our users sharing their thoughts on AIRVALENT Air quality monitors. We already know what makes AIRVALENT so special, but we are so thrilled to see that our customers, industry professionals, and users, such as health enthusiasts, tech fans, new mothers, and modern people who think about their quality of life, do too.

AIRVALENT air quality monitor users review

Blogger and researched article author Ethan Brooke in his article AIRVALENT CO2 Monitor Review – The Smallest Carbon Dioxide Monitor really dived deep to test out our monitor and give the most comprehensive and detailed description. We collected quotes from his blog, to describe AIRVALENT with his own words.

Disclaimer: This is a compilation of quotes from a blog article and does not represent the entire blog. Quotes and photos are property of Ethan Brooke, used with permission of the owner.

AIRVALENT air quality monitor users review

AIRVALENT is minimalistic and small

The first thing why AIRVALENT stands out is its sleek, minimalistic design and petite size. And yes, truly AIRVALENT is the smallest air quality monitor in the market. It was the first thing that Ethan noticed as well.

“When it comes to design, the AIRVALENT CO2 Monitor excels. Despite being tiny, this monitor has quite a weight, and you will instantly notice that it feels very high-quality.”

Why make things complicated, when they are already perfect: 

“…device is quite minimal. On the top edge, you will find the ‘AIRVALENT’ branding, but besides this, there is a model number and badges on the bottom. The device is designed to be inconspicuous. Speaking of the bottom of the device, it is here that you will find the Type-C USB port that can be used to charge the device. Once charged, the battery will last 5-30 days, depending on the reading frequency.”


“… I imagine many parents will choose this device to let their children take to school due to its great battery life and small size…”


AIRVALENT is small and we are proud of it!

AIRVALENT air quality monitor users review

Customization of AIRVALENT

AIRVALENT team is very happy to be able to give people options. The device is customizable. You can choose from 45 designs, 3 different aluminum casings and it does not end there. You can also change the screen visual settings. That’s why AIRVALENT is not only a useful air quality meter, it is also a beautiful piece of design. For people who appreciate beautiful things, interior design, and the opportunity to express their sense of style, then AIRVALENT will definitely not disappoint.

“Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the AIRVALENT design is the customization side of things. When purchasing the monitor from the official website, you can choose three trims for the sides of the device – black, gold, and silver. On top of this, you can also pick from a wide range of designs for the front of the device. While I opted for a simple black monitor, I love having this customization option.”


“Once you choose your monitor, you can also change the display through the app. This is a second level of customization that isn’t available on any other carbon dioxide monitors (to my knowledge). The ability to customize both the exterior of the device and the display means you can truly make it your own.” 


“Since there is an option to customize the device, some businesses and other organizations may be interested in the AIRVALENT monitor over the competition as they can brand it themselves. This is quite a unique approach and I haven’t seen this on any other monitor.”


There is a saying: The sky is the limit! It might just be about AIRVALENT!


AIRVALENT air quality monitor users review

Straightforward setup process

Life is complicated as it is, right? So when creating AIRVALENT we decided to make it just a little bit easier. 

“The setup process is very straightforward once you install the AIRVALENT app on your smartphone. If Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, you should see any nearby monitors appear on the app. From here, it’s as simple as selecting the device you want to connect to and then entering the pairing code that will appear on your device. Once you’ve completed this step, that’s it! You’re ready to go.”

Simple as that! 


AIRVALENT air quality monitor users review


AIRVALENT is not just an air quality meter, it symbolizes well-being, a positive attitude towards health, and the pursuit of a better quality of life.

“If size and ease of use are critical to you, then the AIRVALENT is an excellent choice. As we’ve seen throughout this review, it’s exceptionally small, even when placed next to other monitors I previously considered relatively compact. The device also has an easy-to-use app and a range of displays, which make understanding it easy and intuitive.”


“… it’s worth noting that I do think this is the highest-quality feeling CO2 monitor I’ve used. The build quality feels top-notch, and this certainly feels like a premium device. I’ve also been told this device is made in Latvia without parts ordered from China which is another reason the price of this monitor is a bit higher.”


AIRVALENT will measure air temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, will help you monitor your health, and prevent the effects of poor air quality, which often manifest as headaches, poor sleep quality, difficulty concentrating, etc.

And AIRVALENT looks great! What more could you want!?


We thank Ethan Brooke to take the time and test our device.  

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