Best air quality monitor you will find!

• Worlds smallest CO2 monitor with screen
• Measures CO2, relative humidity, temperature
• Scratch free Gorilla glass
• 45 beautiful designs
• Customizable screens
• Premium, sustainable materials
• Easy to use APP
• Swiss technology CO2 sensor

  • Compact Convenience

    Pocket-sized design (5x5 cm / 2x2 in) for convenient indoor air quality monitoring

  • Custom Design

    Available in 3 metal colors, with 45 pre-designed glass casings
    and 10 displays to choose from

  • Environmental Mindfulness

    Sustainable aluminum design, minimal plastic components, and durable functionality

Customize your AIRVALENT

Create a one-of-a-kind AIRVALENT with your own photo or picture. Customize your air quality monitor to reflect your style.

Customize NOW

Download the AIRVALENT App to:

  • Choose your AIRVALENT display
  • Access monitor data and history
  • Set measurement intervals
  • Manage alarms
  • Update your sensor
  • And more
Get the app
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