CO₂ measurement device and even more. AIRVALENT - Your new assistant of well-being and quality of life!

CO₂ measurement device and even more. AIRVALENT - Your new assistant of well-being and quality of life!

Air quality, CO₂ measurements:

Accurate measurements of CO₂ in the room are very important. The AIRVALENT air quality monitor can update air quality and CO₂ data in a room even every few seconds. It all depends on the interval You choose to update the data in the phone app. The increased amount of CO₂ (carbon dioxide) we breathe every day has a significant effect on the air quality in the room, and if it is not ventilated in time to let in extra oxygen, our well-being, energy levels and the risk of spreading microbes and viruses will increase. We are often immersed in our daily lives and do not even know what the air in the room is, so AIRVALENT is designed to constantly remind you to ventilate the room as soon as it is needed and provide accurate air quality measurements whenever and wherever you need it.

Airvalent co2 sensor carbon dioxide monitor
Humidity measurements:

Humidity level in the room. A common problem we face in rooms where we stay on a daily basis is humidity - either it is too little or it is too much, of course, ideally it is in balance. AIRVALENT also measures the humidity level in the room, constantly updating the data. Thanks to this, You will be able to conclude how, in addition to regular ventilation, You can also improve air quality by controlling the humidity in the room, for example, using an essential oil diffuser or, conversely, a dehumidifier. AIRVALENT will help you draw conclusions and you will always be up to date.

airvalent co2 sensor humidity monitor

Temperature measurements:

Of course, the AIRVALENT device is not only an air temperature indicator. Accurate measurement of air temperature in an elegant device with many extras for determining air quality is always a good idea for any room. AIRVALENT - Your new helper in improving your well-being and quality of life! 

airvalent co2 sensor temperature monitor


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